What is KYB Connected?

KYB Connected is an interactive online community made up of people who love horses. KYB Connected offers valuable information on all aspects of horses and horsemanship, including dressage, equine exhibitions and exhibition training, ground training, horse care and nutrition, barn management, grooming, and enjoying horses.

We provide direct access to world renowned horse trainers such as Kim and Yvonne Barteau of KYB Dressage, Dan James of Double Dan Horsemanship, Cathy Morelli, and more.  These respected experts will contribute blog posts and give you training tips and insights to help improve your relationship with your own horse.

You will be in the inner circle with KYB Dressage and Team KYB, sharing our victories and learning from our experiences as we go.  You’ll get to know our horses and be able to follow along with their training and show journeys with a ringside seat for their triumphs and their challenges.

We offer regular contests and offer our members opportunities to win exciting and valuable prizes such as books, photographs, apparel items, lessons, training sessions and more.

Visit our team sections to learn more about your particular area of interest.  We have areas devoted specifically to Jr. / Young riders, Adult Amateurs, Open riders, and working students.  We have a special section on exhibition, trick and liberty training.  Whatever your interest, there is something here just for you.

Most importantly, we want to hear from you!  Tell us about your horse, your rides and your experiences.  Ask us questions.  Send us photos.  We want to know as much about you as you want to read about us.  Join us.  Stay connected with KYB Connected!

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