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I am Famos’ and Solitaire’s Owner/ Mom.

I grew up in Hershey – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania,  having ridden Hunt/ Jump as an adolescent / early teen, until my 2 horses expired in a tragic 60-stall barn fire.  Shortly afterward, I went to the Hun School of Princeton boarding school  in Princeton, New Jersey for secondary school completion.

I initially entered University at Cornell, in Ithaca, NY in a tiered architecture program with a combined graduate degree.  However, I  decided that this was not the direction in which I wanted my career to go, and transferred to Bryn Mawr College,  Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania for an education in the Classics as well as Romance Languages…./ with a minor in Chemistry.   I cherish my well-rounded classical education from this Ivy League 7 sister school.  It created a vantage point from which I continue to see the world, and strive for excellence every waking day.

I completed my medical school training at PCOM,  in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…. And,  later did Internal Medicine Internship at Northwestern University, and Neurology Residency at Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s in Chicago, Illinois.  I went on to do Movement Disorders Fellowship, and obtained a Masters Degree in Epidemiology at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa….. following which I completed a second Fellowship in Clinical Neurophysiology, at the University of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois.

I finally felt prepared to enter into private practice as a Neurologist/ Movement Disorder Specialist / Neurophysiologist….. and currently practice out of the Northwest Indiana area, heading a Movement Disorders – Deep Brain Stimulation Program, as well as holding Medical Directorships for Inpatient Rehab and Stroke Center of Excellence at my hospital.  I have 7 different Subspecialty Board Certifications in Neurology, and experience the world  from a “heady” and intense vantage point.

I mostly experience the world via literature, deductive reasoning, and analysis.  I grew up in a household of physicians, and “scientific methodology” or “process” to things was always stressed.   I believe that if I were a horse, I would likely be a social aloof type.   Needless to say, I am an incurable introvert, and at times it is difficult for me reveal much of my personal thoughts, especially because when working with patients one must always maintain a boundary while at the same time being  selfless, impartial, and observant.    The majority of my waking day is involved in patient care.   Despite all of this, I have a very loving and supportive partner who makes me laugh at the silliest things, and 2 gorgeous Siamese cats:  Gustov and Hugo.

After all of this verbiage, you may be asking yourself….. what does she do for fun?  Answer – ride/ learn dressage at KYB/ GPE.   I begin my day 3times a week at 4 a.m., driving from Chicago to the barn,  having a lesson with Amber Gipp or Yvonne Barteau from 6 a.m. - 7 a.m. and also attempting to get to the barn on the weekends when Team KYB is in town.  I have learned so very much through my training at KYB and continue to grow not only as a rider but as an individual.  I do see Dressage as a metaphor for life, in the continued pursuit of knowledge and excellence.  This is my favorite way to begin my day, as intense as it may seem.  I adore my horses, and feel that it has been a reciprocal investment in a very personal journey of discovery, skill, and fulfillment.

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