Pirates with KYB Dressage and Double Dan Horsemanship!

DSC_6623Yvonne Barteau is known internationally for her talent at matching music to horses and choreographing amazing rides interpreting that music.  Kim Barteau was the head trainer at the very popular Arabian Nights Dinner theater in Orlando Florida for over ten years.  In addition he has performed at Madison Square Gardens, the TODAY Show, Equitana USA and many Equine Affaires.

Dan James has had international success and acclaim as an equine entertainer.  Most recently this trio has combined their collective talents in a collaboration of audience friendly routines and equine theater presentations that are some of the best work any have ever done.

This is a video clip from the Pirates act from Dream Upon a Horse and matches the whimsical talents of Kim, Yvonne, Dan, and their equine stars, GP Raymeister and Swampy.

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