Winter Clinic Series at KYB Dressage Off to a Great Start!

Our first two segments of the KYB Educational Clinic series have been great fun for all involved.  After the delicious meal, served by our in house chef/barn manager extraordinaire our weekly topics were addressed.

Week one focused on Ground Control with Ariana Sakaris where she explained in a very methodical format the steps she goes through with all horses, young or old, before starting any ridden work.  She moved on to explaining and demonstrating some de sensitizing exercises. The session finished with her describing the steps of teaching a lay down. Ariana demonstrated these steps on a number of horses, one of which was a nine month old weanling, showing how easy it is to teach a horse to quietly lay down on command.  A question and answer period followed.

Week two was all about Equine Personalities.  Yvonne Barteau shared her inspiration and insights for writing the 2007 Equine Book of the Year Ride the Right Horse.  The four basic temperaments were described along with understanding how personality types in horses affects the overall training and communication style when working with individual horses. The segment was finished with Kim Barteau performing a Liberty performance with the ever engaging and famous GP Boater.

There are still four clinics left in the series!

Call Jessica Lawton at 224-522-8743 to reserve your spot!

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