Emotions in the Show Ring

By Diane Redlich

Home from the Kentucky Horse Park show! Picasso is safe and sound in his big stall and paddock at home. He is getting out on the thick spring pasture grass about 30-45 minutes morning and evening to start and we will gradually work him up to 24/7 access to pasture.

The show was fun because of the super people I get to be with. Amber, Lauren, Missy, Hudi, Yvonne, Rose and me. The horses with us were Picasso, Solo, Creed, GP Ubilee, Pooh Bear and Raymond. Everyone had good rides but sometimes the scoring was a bit harsh. I lucked out with small classes and good morning ride times. Picasso won our two 4-1 classes plus won High Point Fourth Level Amateur Champion. That's pretty cool and makes me know we are on the right path, which I already knew anyway :) we also won High Point Championships for Andalusians for both days.

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