Training at KYB Dressage

The most important part of training any horse is that the horses health, weight, work ethic, attitude and overall condition should get better with time spent in a good training program. With that in mind our training philosophy is that every horse and rider should understand the aids, what they are for and how they are applied.

Understanding how the balance of a horse at work needs to be cultivated and maintained throughout the ride is a very important factor that always needs address.  Learning that a proper warm-up is essential in this and can vary from horse to horse. The aim of a warm up and how to structure a productive ride are all important issues that are addressed in our daily lessons.
We have trained many horses and riders up through the FEI levels and we know how to prepare for each level as we perfect the requirements of the work at hand

For the Horse

Starting young horse $1000.00 first month

Basic Training Package $650.00 


  • 5 day training program (may substitute 2 rides for 2 lessons)
  • Use of your grooming products and supplies
  • Use of your polos and pads
  • (make sure all your tack/supplies are accessible by our staff)

Full Training Package $850.00 


  • 6 day training program (may substitute 2 rides for 2 lessons)
  • Use of our grooming products and supplies
  • Use of our clean polos and saddle pads
  • Tacking and Un-tacking horse for lesson or training ride
  • Grooming/bathing horse as well as clipping nose and pulling mane regularly
  • We do your laundry for you
  • Clean/condition and put away all tack
  • Lounging

*Partial Training available upon request

For the Rider

Individual Lessons

  • Kim or Yvonne $75.00
  • Endel or Agata $50.00 or $400.00 for a package of 10
  • Horse Rental $20.00
  • Video taping and DVD of your lesson/ride $30.00
  • Musical Freestyle Services (contact Yvonne)

Show Fees:

  • Trailering: make arrangements at least 2 weeks before the show
    • Lamplight $30.00 
      Silverwood $80.00
  • Braiding $30.00
  • Full Day Care $45.00 (feeding, stall cleaning, grooming/tacking, tack cleaning)