Do you need help with:
  • Evaluating and preparing your horse for Sale?
  • New exercises to improve connection and throughness?
  • Making your movements flow more smoothly?
  • Need Help with a special problem or issue?

You will need:

  • A Video Camera
  • A friend to record you
  • Your horse and some time

Send us one half hour to forty minutes of you riding (unedited) whatever you are working on. Schooling tests, warming up, lead changes, half steps, whatever. Kim and Yvonne Barteau, or you can specify your favorite KYB coach (Yvonne, Kim, Kassie or Endel)  will watch your video and come up with many tips to help you improve your riding time. Everything from posture to connection to test sequences will be addressed in a professional and helpful manner. Comments will be e-mailed to you in writing and you can print them and then use the tips and advice to improve your very next ride.

Cost for this service is fifty dollars. Make checks to KYB Dressage and send them with your DVD to KYB Dressage 45W015 Welter Rd. Maple Park Illinois 60151.

Please send us your e-mail address and any other information about your horse and riding with the DVD.

If you have any questions about this service please e-mail Yvonne Barteau at [email protected].