Cathy Morelli giving a clinic at KYB Dressage May 27, 2015.

Members of the KYB Team are available for educational clinics in a number of categories.  In addition, KYB hosts clinics featuring our professional colleagues around the world at our facilities at Grand Prix Equestrian.  Please contact us for further information.

Understanding connection, half halts and leg aids.

This clinic is for anyone who wishes to have better understanding with their horse through learning to apply the aids in the most effective and sympathetic way possible. Group discussions and individual lessons are all part of this two or three day clinic.

Liberty and trick training

This clinic is for those who want to understand how horses begin the process of liberty or confidence training and how it can lead towards better partnership in and out of the show arena. Also shows beginning process of lay down and bow.

Yvonne Barteau giving a musical freestyle clinic.

Freestyle design

This two or three day clinic can have you riding a freestyle from start to finish.  Great for competition riders who want to get a freestyle ready to compete but have no idea where to begin.  Includes music selection and choreography for each participant any and all levels including wester dressage.

Test riding

KYB offers test riding tips and strategies during this clinic as well as the opportunity to set up a ride a test on the second or third day of the clinic to practice new found skills and techniques.