KYB Dressage at Ohio Equine Affaire

Two weeks after returning from Florida KYB was on the road again. This time our destination was Columbus Ohio to perform in the night time Pfizer Fantasia with three separate acts on April 11-14, 2013!

Kim Barteau and GP Boater had double duty. They would perform their stunning liberty performance each night to a haunting piece of music called Breaking the Colt. Then on Saturday Kim would use Boater to demonstrate to the audience just how to start a Liberty project and explain some of the intricacies of his craft.

Yvonne Amber, Hudi and Nancy had double duty as well but all of their performances would be in the night time show. Hudi and GP Delano joined GP Raymeister and Yvonne in the ever popular Lion Act for the first time! Amber Nancy and Ambers friend Kayla were our grass skirt dancers and while Dilly was a bit of a pickle the first night Hudi had him settled in by the sold out Saturday show.

Our newest routine Alice in Wonderland was an instant hit! Great costuming and music coupled with an ever popular story on horseback had children of all ages smiling and clapping from beginning to end. Hudi and Delano enchanted as Alice. Amber Gipp stepped into the spotlight with style aboard GP Ubillee as the Mad Hatter and GP Raymeister helped Yvonne pull off her Queen of Hearts part with his usual stellar performances.

The weather was cold and damp but the shopping was great! We got to spend some time with the other performers from the show and even got to catch a few of the routines in between ours! Equine Affaire was fun for all of us and now it is on to show season!

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