An Invitation to KYB Connected from Yvonne Barteau

Learn. Win. Be Entertained. Join Us.

My name is Yvonne Barteau and I want to personally invite you to explore joining the KYB family through membership in KYB Connected.
KYB Dressage, based out of Grand Prix Equestrian in Maple Park, Illinois, is a horse community in and of itself. We start horses under saddle, correct behavior problems and train both horses and riders from beginners through the Grand Prix level. We have a working student program, a young rider program, an apprentice trainer program and an adult amateur program.

We also do countless exhibitions around the United States. We train horses at liberty and trick work, and our freestyle design and music with horses program is one of the best in the nation.

The concept of KYB Connected originated in our community of trainers, riders, students and friends who wanted to share information, learn from others, celebrate triumphs and troubleshoot problems. The passion for horses is the common bond that brings us together.

What we strive to do with this undertaking is to share some of our daily life, rides, problems and solutions and to help you feel connected to an interactive dressage community that joins professionals, amateurs and young riders, a place where you can share your personal experiences, learn from the experiences of others, and even have the chance to win prizes such as books, videos, backstage passes to theater events, freestyles or free training.

There will be opportunities for you to personally engage members of the KYB Team and also other professionals who help us in our journey. You will get to know some of our equine superstars through video, pictures and inside information you would otherwise only seeĀ if you were part of their training programs yourself.

For our younger members, we will have chances to follow along with Missy and Ashley as they explore the world of dressage and horse entertainment during their pre teen and young rider years. Watch and learn with them as they perfect the most complicated dressage movements, first on their own two feet and then on the back of a horse. These same young members can win a chance to have a one week KYB camp experience where they can come and live with our family of horse enthusiasts here as they learn what it might be like to be a KYB Working student.

We are just beginning, but would love to have you with us to share the next leg of our journey.

I look forward to seeing you online and learning about your horse and your experiences there.

~ Yvonne Barteau


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