Jessica Lawton

“Jack of all trades master of none.” No other turn of phrase so succinctly describes a farm manager as this, and so this is what I have become. I am a chef by training, but that life seems a very long time ago. I am an animal lover; my 2 dogs and my cat (who thinks he’s a dog) bring me a wholly ridiculous amount of joy. In my nonexistent and definitely not to be counted on free time, I like gardening; vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, and grapes, you name and I’ll try growing it. I read a lot, sometimes for pleasure other times to teach myself a new desired skill. I enjoy nothing so much as acquiring a new skill, I like pulling things apart to see how they work.  I often in fact view having to call a repair man out for something as a personal failure. I own more tools than most men I know, barring farmers and contractors that is. I’m near giddy in the tool section at Home Depot.

I have been employed at Grand Prix Equestrian as the farm manager since we opened in the fall of 2008. I am Yvonne’s oldest daughter, and some people would say that is the first and the last reason for the position I hold. It may be the reason I was hired, but I have strived over these last 7 years to be worthy of my job title. Of the farm staff I oversee I never ask anything of them I would not, nor do not, do myself. I have always earned respect from our employees in my willingness to work side by side through long hours until the job is finished, their nickname for me is La Hulk, and I couldn’t be more honored.

I’m responsible for a wide assortment of things here at the farm, some I enjoy more than others. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way as I’ll be posting about all of them at some point.  Pull up a seat, and come along.