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Kim Barteau

Kim Barteau has been training horses for over 20 years. He was the head trainer at the Arabian Nights Dinner Theatre in Orlando Florida for more than 10 years. Kim is one of a select group of successful liberty trainers and has trained horses at Liberty to perform every thing from rearing, bowing or lying down, to kicking a beach ball and spinning a rope.

More recently, Kim has focused on his dressage training. His success with the now FEI Grand Prix stallion, Liberty, has been steady since his dual Regional Championship wins at Training and First Level in 1999. Kim also trained and rode Rosabella to her FEI five year old honors, Regional Championships and USDF Horse of the Year titles. Kim's understanding, knowledge and technique on training has been honed by years of success and multiple victories for his most frequent students: Yvonne Barteau, Kassie Barteau, and Endel Ots.

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