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Jr. Young Rider Program - KYB Dressage

KYB Dressage and Grand Prix Equestrian are united in their desire to help promote and teach competition dressage to Young Riders around the country. Each year KYB will select a few qualified and ambitious young riders to become part of the KYB Team and learnto show at the FEI levels.

Our hope is that Young riders who would like to pursue dressage as their career will find the necessary experience working in our environment that may eventually help them to create a future for themselves in our sport.Whenever possible a worthy competition horse will be provided and the rider will have the opportunity to try and qualify for the North American Young Rider Championships if they are ready. In return the rider will work as an apprentice for KYB Dressage and learn what it would be like to be a trainer in a busy competition and training facility.

If you or someone you know deserves an opportunity like this please contact Yvonne Barteau at [email protected] to explain why.

Kayla Hudi Barteau

Despite coming from a family steeped in trainers Kayla Hudi Barteau was late to step into the competitive arena as a rider. Much of her young life was spent helping her family in ways that did not involve any riding,but two years ago when the bug hit, it settled with permanence.
She started riding with GP Delano last season and was delighted to make NAJYRC and to show at Regionals and Devon. This year she is partnered with GP Ubillee another Grand Prix Equestrian horse owned by Ginna Frantz long time sponsor and friend of her parents Kim and Yvonne Barteau.
Hudi is quick to thank Ginna and her parents for giving her the opportunity to show and ride everyday. She looks forward to a future filled with horses and all they can teach her.

Hudi is a senior at Central High school in Burlington Illinois and she has discovered a talent and interest in creating Freestyle Music for the competitive arena.